Commerce cloud IT solutions

Muventa is a technology company specialized in digitizing commercial processes. We customize our API to meet your commerce cloud needs.

Module based API

Each organization is unique, our module based technology provides flexibility for back-end and front-end workflow customization with rapid deployment in time to market.

Solid support

With Muventa you get a five star customer support. We provide high touch IT advisory to solve your eCommerce challenges utilizing our software as a service.

Cloud Platform

Robust and adaptable to different organizational sizes with capability to scale resources horizontally based on demand; designed for medium to long-term eCommerce strategies, with the best price-value relation among software vendors.

Through our various software products we reduce the barriers to launch a digital sales strategy

Commerce for Retailers and CPG Companies

E-Scale is our flagship cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) specifically designed for mid-sized and large retailers (B2C e-commerce solution) and consumer goods companies (B2B commerce). Robust and adaptable to different organizational sizes with capability to scale resources horizontally based on demand; accommodates medium to long-term ecommerce strategies with the best price-value relation among IT solutions.

Commerce Ready for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses is a cloud based software as a service easy to use "no-code" eCommerce platform focused on very small firms and entrepreneurs. Built-in plugins to execute sales tactics online such as a last mile fulfillment management, lost carts automation follow-up as well as a loyalty program module to better serve business-to-consumer (B2C) customers.

Custom Made eCommerce Platforms

We help solving our clients' digital commerce challenges through our proven process of aligning technology to the customer journey strategy of your organization.

Billing API for SaaS companies

Are you a technology company building a software as a service? Use our billing API solution to setup billing plans and automate your collections process. From Subscription Management to Recurring Payments with customizable rules to enable / disable specific functionalities for your customers based on overdue credit policies, our billing API as a service can be customized to meet your business needs.

Our mission is to empower your organization with eCommerce software solutions. Want to learn how we can help?

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Undecided which eCommerce platform is right for your organization?

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Technology should not be restrictive to large firms. Each ecommerce platform has advantages and disadvantages depending on the sector that you operate, the size of your organization and the current stage implementing digital commerce initiatives

This applies not only to large firms considering solutions such as Oracle Commerce, SAP Hybris Commerce or IBM Watson Commerce, but also applies to mid-sized companies considering Magento, BigCommerce, VTEX or even solutions such as Shopify that started for very small businesses.

Evaluating among the best e-commerce platforms could be an overwhelming task for leaders responsible for digital commerce platform selection...

...and also for those that will be responsible for delivering results:

  • Digital marketing agencies
  • In-house sales and marketing groups

due to the similarities promoted by software vendor providers.

We recommend three main areas of focus when comparing ecommerce solutions:

1. Sector Specialization

Is the platform for a specific sector or is it more general or generic? The latter would require additional know-how from the third party implementing the solution in your firm, thus increasing significantly setup costs.

2. Customization & Scaling Capacity

API-based solutions with modularity by design provide unmatchable flexibility in customization and implementation when compared against solutions with less ability for backend and frontend workflow modification.

3. Agility and Ongoing Support

Weather you are seeking technology to reach new B2C consumers or better managing key accounts (B2B), look for software solutions with the capacity to quickly deploy a complete solution, which could be implemented in stages.