We are a technology company specialized in commerce

Our mission is to empower your organization with cloud based software

E-Scale is our flagship cloud-based SaaS specifically designed for mid-sized and large retailers and consumer goods companies.


In 2016 a group of experienced entrepreneurs, IT executives and angel investors decided to launch a Mexican company focused on digital commerce.

We have over 15 years of experience operating and growing businesses, as well as advising mid-sized and newly created companies throughout their growth strategy.

To better serve our clients we developed a software in the cloud specifically designed for commercial processes of mid-sized companies seeking technology to streamline their current operations and expand their market reach.


We understand the challenges faced while launching a digital commerce strategy

We seek to significantly reduce the time-to-market and time the commerce channel delivers positive outcomes (increased sales and improved efficiency).

Technology should not be restrictive to large firms. Cloud based commerce platform solutions such as our proprietary developed software and Brands tailored to different company sizes and needs, reduces significantly the entry barriers faced by firms that want to become digital in commerce but are unsure how to execute such tactic.


In today's global and connected economy, digital enterprise solutions have become a necessity to any firm that seek to better serve its clients.

Recognizing and understanding such need, in Muventa we have developed four main solutions and brands of commerce products: E-scale (B2B solution), E-Scale (B2C), Muventa While Label Commerce, and Sheyla (Commerce Advisor for small companies).